Rules and Expectations

Resource Room Rules

1. Be responsible for your self and your actions at all times. Follow UNO rules at all times in the classroom and in the hallways while going to and from the Resource Room.

2. Be respectful of your peers -- everyone deserves the chance to learn. Like I always say, "I'm not an octopus!" But, I'll gladly help you with any questions you have. Please patiently wait your turn by reading a book or working on other work until I'm able to assist you with the specific questions you might have for me.

3.  Be safe! 

4. Be sure to sign in when you enter the resource room so that I can keep track of where you are and when.

5. Ask questions! As hard as I try, I'm not a mind reader... I can't know if you have questions unless you let me now.

6. Try your best. Always!