Study Tips

Study Tips

 Getting straight A's will never be possible unless you prepare carefully. Students should study for quizzes and tests...and ask for help when you have questions or things seem unclear. Studying is a skill that students should learn, too. Here are some helpful tips for becoming proficient at studying.


1. Find a quiet place in your house to study comfortably. Don't lay down or you might get too sleepy or sloppy. Instead, grab a glass of water, a pencil and paper, and your textbook/notes and sit up straight, just like you would in school. Take studying seriously -- it's amazing how far you will go if you have the right mindset!

2.  Have a spare piece of paper next to you while you are studying and jot down notes for your teacher or for Ms. Gagnon. Make sure you find an appropriate time to ask about these questions before it's time to take the test or quiz.

3. If you're unsure about the directions -- ASK! No one will judge you if you don't understand what to do. In fact, we'll think you're grown up and professional for taking responsibility and asking for help!

4. Study in short periods of time, taking breaks to stretch and rest your mind. Twenty-minutes at a time is a great amount to start out with when starting a study routine.