English III Course Syllabus

English III American Literature                                                         2012/2013

Mt. Pleasant High School                                                                      Room 102

Gina Crouch                                                                                            rcrouch@mpisd.net


Course Descriptions:  This course will examine important pieces of American literature from our nation’s infancy to present.  Students will understand and respond critically to texts from a variety of American writers.  In accordance with state mandates, assignments will be aligned with 2012/2013 English Language Arts TEKS.


Grading:  Daily assignments are 40% of your total grade, while tests and projects are 60%.  All major tests and projects are due on the assigned due dates, no exceptions.  If you are absent, you will have the number of days absent to make up daily assignments.  Projects (including research assignments) are due the day of return from your absence.  Also, everything is posted on the class website, and you will be able to turn in assignments from home.


Class Procedures

*      We will respect ourselves and others

*      Be prepared for class (you’re in 11th grade, I will not provide materials for you)

*      Be in our seats and working on board assignment at the bell

*      Be given two restroom passes each six weeks (worth five points of extra credit)

*      Late work will not be accepted (again, you are in 11th grade)

*      BYOD bring your own device.  Tablets, laptops, and smartphones are permitted for online materials

*      Plagiarism policy set by MPHS is strictly enforced


Required Materials:

*      2 pocket folders with brads (second and sixth six weeks)

*      Flash drive is recommended, but not required

*      An open mind


Projected Course Outline:


Unit One A: A Nation Emerges


*      Literary Terms Review

*      Early American Literature

*      The Crucible


Unit One B: The Art of Persuasion and Argument


*      Rhetorical Terms Review

*      Editorial writing

*      Persuasive Appeals

Unit Two:  Romanticism


*      Transcendentalism

*      Gothics

*      Parody

*      Short Stories

*      Literary Analysis


Unit Three:  Interpreting Personae as Readers and Writers


*      Parrot in the Oven

*      Tears of a Tiger

*      Non-fiction

*      Autobiographical Narrative


Unit Four:  Satire


*       Excerpts from Huckleberry Finn

*      Political Cartoons


Unit Four:  World of Imagination


*      Archetypes

*      Appeals in Media

*      Poetry

Your child will not be given a textbook, it is online at my.hrw.com.  They will receive a username and password to access their student account.  



Please feel free to visit this site anytime.  I will have a class calendar posted for assignments and due dates.


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at rcrouch@mpisd.net or (903) 575-2020 ext. 1162







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