Multicultural Literature Syllabus

                   Multicultural Literature Syllabus


English III Pre-AP

Multicultural Literature in America

Mt. Pleasant High School

Gina Crouch


Course Description:  The study of multicultural literature offers insight into American experiences from different perspectives.  You will study common themes in American literature that link all of us as a nation.  You will gain knowledge of American society through works from writers of different cultural, ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds, fostering an understanding of humankind, thereby developing empathy for others.  It is my hope that this course will help to broaden and deepen your understanding of the concept of being “American”, while sharpening your reading and writing skills.   You will read and write with fiction and nonfiction in order to strengthen your awareness of rhetoric and the function of language in our society.  This course is designed as a prelude to senior AP literature.  As senior AP is a dual credit course, this class will prepare you for the material and college level of activity you can expect next year. 


Required Reading

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian                      by Sherman Alexi

The Joy Luck Club                                                                           by Amy Tan

Kindred                                                                                              by Octavia Butler

Their Eyes Were Watching God                                                    by Zora Neal Hurston

The Help                                                                                           by Kathryn Stockett

Bless Me, Ultima                                                                             by Rudolfo Anaya

The Devil’s Highway                                                                      by Luis Alberto Urrea

Parrot in the Oven                                                                         by Victor Martinez

The Kite Runner                                                                            by Khaled Housseini


MPHS has copies of all of the these titles in book and electronic format.  If you feel you need your own copies for annotating, you may purchase them at Hastings or

Required Materials:

  • flashdrive
  • 4 folders with brads and pockets
  • 5 one subject spiral notebooks
  • BYOD or bring your own device: smartphone, laptop, tablet
  • An open mind!!

Course requirements:                              

  • you are required to update blog entries weekly
  • you are required to maintain a dialectical journal of the novels read (smaller spiral notebooks)
  • you will write four literary analysis papers per semester
  • MPHS attendance, tardy, and make-up policies srtictly enforced 

Daily assignments are 25% of your total grade, while tests and projects are 75%.

This class is designed to help prepare you for college; therefore I will not accept late work.

I will drop your lowest daily and test grades at the end of each nine weeks.  Extra credit is available for those that complete all of the regular assignments.

Class Procedures:

There are two class websites:

Educator pages is used for calendars, announcements, assignment dates, etc., while edmodo is primarily blogging and turning in assignments.  Your parents will have access to these pages, so it is your responsibility to keep up with the schedule. 

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact me through email:, or, or by phone at (903) 575-2020 ext. 1162