English III Class Calendar

enlightenedAug 27 

First day introductions; classroom procedures, course syllabus, class website, and textbook website

Aug 28 

American Lit timeline, (quiz on Sept. 7) Native American storytelling, myth and symbolism

Aug 29

Continue with Native American unit: discussion questions for "The Earth on The Turtle's Back" assigned and due Friday Aug 30

Aug 30

Turn in discussion questions: discuss and assign parts of speech project "The Coyote and the Buffalo"

Aug 31 

Earth on Turtle questions, Blue Bonnet myth,  Iroquois Constitution

Sep 4 

Iroquois Constitution continued, Native American stereotypes

Sep 5

Native American stereotypes continued

Sep 6

Early exploration literature 

Sep 7 

Time line quiz, William Bradford

Sep 10 

Puritan culture

Sep 11

The Crucible

Sep 12

Reading "The Crucible" assign edmodo questions for Act I and II 

Sep 13

Reading The Crucible

Sept 14

Projects due

Sep 17 Crucible Act II questions due

Sep 18

Finishing the Crucible

Sep 19

Act III questions due

Sep 20

McCarthyism and The Crucible

Sep 21

Act IV due and The Crucible final test

Sep 24

Archetypes in literature, connecting genres

Sep 25-28

Connecting film to literature archetypes the hero quest