Multicultural Literature Calendar

This schedule is tentative:

Aug 27

First day introductions, class websites, syllabus, and schedule, journaling requirements, American immigration video one and two

Aug 28

Assign "A Different Mirror" excerpt, blog on edmodo, due by Thursday, immigration to the US, melting pot, pluralist, or mosaic? American immigration videos 3-5.

Aug 29

Intro to Native American culture and literature, youtube video (underclass and poor living conditions), Kindle agreement

Aug 30

Luther Standing Bear, Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears, assign The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian

Aug 31

reading an essay on mascots, Native American Stereotypes, respond to blog

Sep 4

Test over first half of TATDPI

Sep 5 

Discuss reading ATDPTI, organization of persuasive essay (mascots), controversial topics

Sep 10


Sep 11


Sep 12

Test of ATDPTI, response paper using journal

Sep 13

Persuasive appeals

Sep 14

Persuasive writing

Sep 17

Rough Draft persuasive essay peer edit

Sep 18

Continue writing persuasive essay

Sep 19

Turn in persuasive essay, begin African American literature

Sep 24

how to on journaling

Sep 25

Kindred, assign quiz on edmodo

Sep 26

Butler essay on racism, blog due Friday

Sep 27

Literary analysis video

Oct 1


Oct 2

Picking out examples from Kindred of literary terms

Oct 3

Kindred, blog

Oct 4