Dragon's Dogma 2 Is Officially In Development, Will Use RE Engine

Capcom has revealed that Dragon's Dogma 2 is officially in development, and the game will utilize the Resident Evil series' RE Engine. Fans' hopes were high for a sequel to Dragon's Dogma following leaks and rumors, however after such a significant delay, many didn't anticipate that Capcom should revive the series by any means.

Capcom has various more established franchises that the organization has remade or remastered for fresher audiences, which has driven numerous to clutch trust that their favorite lethargic game series could one day return. The acclaimed Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes are many times cited as Capcom's best examples of remakes of more seasoned games, and their success has seemingly bolstered the organization's interest in revivals. This seems to be the case, as Capcom recently affirmed a remake of the classic Resident Evil 4, and a recent survey even hinted at the possibility of different remakes and remasters, specifically asking fans their opinions on lethargic loathsomeness franchises Dino Crisis and Dead Rising.

The organization certainly seems set on revisiting its library of classics, with a Dragon's Dogma sequel finally affirmed to be in development, 10 years after the release of the original. The news of Dragon's Dogma 2 was affirmed during the "10 Years of Dragon's Dogma" livestream occasion, which explored not exclusively fans' adoration for the game, yet additionally the passion of the developers. The stream finished with the surprise reveal of the sequel, and keeping in mind that no different details have been affirmed about Dragon's Dogma 2, a later tweet from the authority Dragon's Dogma account announced the game is being created using RE Engine, made famous by the Resident Evil series.










Unfortunately for those persistently awaiting Dragon's Dogma 2, the declaration didn't accompany anything other than a glance at the title of the release. While the developers surprised and enchanted fans with the removal of their jackets, which revealed the game logo on their shirts, gamers will have to wait longer to get their first glimpse of the sequel, with no images, cinematics, or interactivity yet revealed. A release date and platforms for Dragon's Dogma 2 are also yet to be affirmed.

There could still be a wait to get familiar with what Capcom has anticipated Dragon's Dogma 2, yet affirmation that the game is being created in RE Engine should be very positive news for players. Fans have already seen how realistic the engine can be, with the latest Resident Evil releases frequently cited for their realism, in any event, with regards to less-than-realistic monsters. RE Engine should be an ideal fit for the fantastical universe of Dragon's Dogma, and ideally, those who've waited 10 years for a sequel will not have significantly longer until they more deeply study Dragon's Dogma 2.