About Me

Hello smiley,

My name is Ms. Lisandra. I am so excited to be your teacher this year! THis is my secon year as a teacher and I am so lucky to have you in my class!

I earned my Bachelor of Art's degree from University of California, Riverside! I majored in Psychology and minored in Business Administration. I then enrolled at Cal Poly, Pomona to persue my teaching credential.

I enjoy hiking and spening time with my family. I have a niece who is 11 and a nephew who is 7. A few of my favorite things are dancing, chocolate cake, reeses peanut butter cups, H2O, and coffee of course!

Why did I choose to be a Special Education teacher? I admire student's with special needs! Their form of communication, expression, how smart they are, their functioning, and of course I am here for the smallest of progress and goal meeting! Children with special needs own a part of my heart heart. It is amazing to see all the things they are capable of regardless of all odds against them. I am a believer that with the right team and support our students can achieve their full potential!

Lisandra Garcia

ED Specialist

Psychology, BA