A list of 100 books

Title of bookAuthor of bookReading level
Ice is wheee..!!!Carol Greene0.3
Snow JoeCarol Greene0.3
Where is Dolly?Dana Catherine0.3
The Ball GameDavid Packard0.4
Big Brown BearDavid McPhail0.4
The Birthday PresentMavis Smith0.4
Bugs!Patricia C. Mckissack0.4
My Camp OutMarcia Leonard0.4
Oh no, Otis!Julie Frankel0.4
A Pet for PatPegeen Snow0.4
Please Wind?Carol Greene0.4
Rain! Rain!Carol Greene0.4
Shine Sun!Carol Greene0.4
Wash DayCharnan Simon0.4
Apples in a SackElizabeth Field0.5
Bonk! Goes the BallPhillipa Stevens0.5
The Day I had to Play With my SisterCrosby Bonsall0.5
Farmer NatChris Demarest0.5
Hi, CloudsCarol Greene0.5
Hop, Skip, RunMarcia Leonard0.5
Just a Jump AwayJames Mcguire0.5
Let's GoDana Catherine0.5
A Whisper is QuietCarolyn Lunn0.5
The Big BoxVirginia Grant Clammer0.6
Dan and DanMarcia Leonard0.6
Dress UpMarcia Leonard0.6
Get the Ball, SlimMarcia Leonard0.6
I like MessMarcia Leonard0.6
I am MadSusan Hood0.6
I like to Win!Charnan Simon0.6
MudCharnan Simon0.6
My Pal, AlMarcia Leonard0.6
Rosie's WalkPat Hutchins0.6
There's a Hole in My PocketAkimi Gibson0.6
Who is Coming?Patricia C. Mckissack0.6
Best FriendsMarcia Leonard0.7
Eat Your Peas, Loiuse!Pegeen Snow0.7
First SnowEmily Arnold McCully0.7
Four Good FriendsMargaret Hilbert0.7
Here Comes the SnowAngela Shelf Medea0.7
I love FishingBonnie Dobkin0.7
I Went WalkingSue Williams0.7
Itchy, Itchy Chicken PoxGrace Maccarone0.7
Just Like MeBarbara Neasi0.7
KitesBettina Ling0.7
Where's MittensKelly Bolvin0.7
Andy, That's my NameTomie De Paola0.8
Baby ChicksDana Catherine0.8
Bears, Bears, EverywhereRita Milios0.8
The Birthday BoxLeslie Patricelli0.8
Biscuit finds a friendAlyssa Satin Capuccilli0.8
Circus FunMargaret Hilbert0.8
Dirty LarryBobbie Hamsa0.8
Hide and SeekBrown/ Corey0.8
I Have a ColdGrace Maccorone0.8
I Like JamBetsy Franco0.8
The Itsy Bitsy SpiderLorianne Siomades0.8
Let's Make LunchJulie Verne0.8
The Little Animal's Big FeastJames Mcguire0.8
Lucky LeafKevin O'Malley0.8
Merry Christmas, Dear DragonMargaret Hilbert0.8
Bessy's GardenPatricia C. McKissack0.8
MousetrapDiane Snowball0.8
No New PantsMarcia Leonard0.8
Ready, Set, Skip!Jane O'Connor0.8
SandboxBetty Catherine Pertrie0.8
The SandmanRon Shepperson0.8
Sid and SamNola Buck0.8
SportsMarcia Leonard0.8
Steff Grows an AppleDavid Webb0.8
Wait, Skates!Mildred D. Johnson0.8
Who Stole the cookies?Judith Moffatt0.8
And I Mean it Stanley!Crosby Bonsall0.9
Biscuit and the BabyAlyssa Satin Capucilli0.9
Biscuit Wants to PlayAlyssa Satin Capucilli0.9
Biscuit Wins a PrizeAlyssa Satin Capucilli0.9
David Goes to SchoolDavid Shannon0.9
Don't let the Pigeon Drive the BusMo Willems0.9
Gone fishingEarlene Long0.9
Honey BeesLola M. Schaefer0.9
How Far Will I fly?Sachi Oyama0.9
Jack -o- LanternLola M. Schaefer0.9
My GardenJesse S. Ostrow0.9
The New KidSusan Hood0.9
Shoveling SnowPat Cummings0.9
Sneaky PeteRita Milios0.9
Two Bear CubsAnn Jonas0.9
Miss Nelson Is MissingHarry Alard 
MadeleineLudwig Bemelmans 
Goodnight MoonMargaret Brown 
The Very hungry CaterpillarEric Carle 
The Cat in the HatDr. Seuss 
Green Eggs and HamDr. Seuss 
The Foot BookDr. Seuss 
Where the Wild things areMaurice Sendak 
Ira Sleeps OverBernard Waber 
Caps for SaleEsphyr Solbodkina 
Harry the Dirty  dogGene Zion 
Make Way for ducklingsRobert McCloskey