What do they do in Kindergarten?

Kindergarten Curriculum


Physical Science – Matter, Energy, force and motion

Ø What is matter?

Ø How can matter be sorted, described and changed?

Ø How does the sun change things?

Ø What makes shadows?

Ø How do people get energy and how does it move?

Ø How do things move?

Ø How can we change motion?

Ø How can magnets move objects?

Ø What are vibrations? 

Earth Science – Earth and its weather and space

Ø  Where is life on earth?

Ø What is land made of?

Ø What is water like?

Ø How can we care for earth?

Ø What is weather and how can we measure it?

Ø How does the weather change with the season?

Ø What can we see in the day and night skies?

 Life Science – animals, plants and habitats

Ø What are living and nonliving things?

Ø What are animals and plants like and what do they need?

Ø How do animals and plants grow and change?

Ø Where do animals and plants live?

Ø How do plants and animals need one another

  Social studies

Being a good citizen

Ø Follow rules

Ø Work together

Ø Safety signs

Ø Taking responsibility

Ø Groups around the world 

My country

Ø The flag we wave

Ø Look at a map of our country

Ø Symbols of the United States

Ø Our leaders

Ø Make a choice by voting

Ø Living with freedom 


Ø Workers

Ø Tools long ago

Ø Working for money

Ø Make a choice when buying

Ø Using resources

Ø From the farm to your table

Ø Goods around the world

 Where we live

Ø Land and water on the earth

Ø Read a globe

Ø Models and maps

Ø Read map symbols

Ø Regions

Ø City and farm life

  Time goes by

Ø Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Ø Use a calendar

Ø Months of the year

Ø Change over time Stories of the past

Ø American Holidays

Ø Read a time line

Ø Colonial life

Ø Tell fact from fiction

Ø Clues from the past

Ø Family history

Ø Making history 

Biographies: -

Ø Mary McLeod Bethune

Ø Benjamin Franklin

Ø Martin Luther King Jr.

Ø Cesar Chavez

Ø John Chapman

Ø Abraham Lincoln

Ø George Washington

Ø Betsy Ross 


Ø Sorting and classifying – color, size, kind

Ø Spatial awareness – top, bottom, middle, in, out, above below, over, under, left, right

Ø Movement patterns

Ø Read and copy simple patterns

Ø Copy and extend patterns

Ø Predict and extend patterns

Ø Transfer, understand and create a pattern

Ø Equal groups

Ø Numbers 0-100

Ø More

Ø Fewer

Ø Before and after on a number line

Ø Sort solid figures

Ø Move solid figures

Ø Sort plane shapes

Ø Plane shapes in different positions

Ø Symmetry

Ø Equal parts

Ø Count to 100 – 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s

Ø Even and odd numbers

Ø Ordinal numbers

Ø Value of penny, nickel and dime

Ø Morning, afternoon and evening

Ø More and less time

Ø Use a clock

Ø Compare and order lengths

Ø Measure and weigh with nonstandard units

Ø Compare capacity

Ø Make concrete, picture graphs

Ø Use data from a graph

Ø Read and make a tally table

Ø Explore probability

Ø Make predictions

Ø Model addition

Ø Addition patterns

Ø Use pictures to add

Ø Add with money

Ø Model subtraction

Ø Subtraction patterns

Ø Use pictures to subtract

Ø Subtract with money

Ø Choose the operation

 English Language Arts

Sharing literature and listening comprehension

Ø Moo, Moo, Brown Cow

Ø From Anne to Zach

Ø I Read Signs

Ø Look out Kindergarten, Here I Come

Ø Jazzbo and Googy

Ø Mice Squeak, We Speak

Ø Hello Toes! Hello Feet

Ø The Body Book

Ø Peanut Butter and Jelly

Ø Bunny Cakes

Ø Hold the Anchovies

Ø Stone soup

Ø The Gingerbread Man

Ø Yellow butter

Ø Dig a Little hole

Ø Warthogs in the kitchen

Ø The crayon box that talked

Ø I took my frog to the library

Ø Off we go

Ø A birthday basket for Tia

Ø Let’s go Froggy

Ø Dear Juno

Ø The three bears

Ø Jamaica’s Find

Ø Does a kangaroo have a mother too?

Ø Are you there baby bear?

Ø The three billy goats gruff

Ø A time for playing

Ø Chicken forgets

Ø The town mouse and the country mouse

Ø Five little pigs

Ø Look closer

Ø Butterfly

Ø The ants and the grasshopper

Ø Wonderful worms

Ø Anansi and the biggest, sweetest melon

Ø The fearsome beast

Ø The ants come marching

Ø Walking through the jungle

Ø Elmer

Ø The rooster who went to his uncle’s wedding

Ø So say the little monkeys

Ø Counting crocodiles

Ø The strongest one of all

Ø Going on a bear hunt

Ø The hare and the tortoise

Ø The shape of things

Ø Benny’s pennies

Ø The shoemaker and the elves

Ø Mr. Backward

Ø Good bye, hello

Ø My pet spider

Ø Caps for sale

Ø Sing a song of people

Ø The big yellow bus

Ø Career day

Ø Guess who?

Ø Mother, mother, I want another

Ø Franklin in the dark

Ø This is the way we go to school

Ø Five little ducks

Ø Come along Daisy

Ø Bear in there

Ø What’s that?

Ø Henny Penny

Ø Blame

Ø Splash in the ocean

Ø Fish faces

Ø Swimmy

Ø A house by the sea

Ø There’s a hole in the middle of the sea

Ø The seashore noisy book

Ø If you ever 

Phonemic Awareness and phonics

Ø The alphabet

Ø Uppercase and lowercase letters

Ø Consonants m, s, r, t, c, p

Ø Short vowel – a

Ø Blending am, ap, at

Ø Consonants n, d, g, f, l, h

Ø Short vowel i

Ø Blending it, ig, ip,

Ø Consonants b, k, w, x

Ø Short vowel o

Ø Blending ot, ox, op

Ø Consonants v, j, y, z

Ø Short vowel e

Ø Blending et, ed, en

Ø Consonant q

Ø Short vowel u

Ø Blending ut, ug, un 

High Frequency Words

Ø A, my, the

Ø I, like

Ø Go, we

Ø On, to

Ø You, have

Ø Do, what

Ø No, see

Ø Look, come

Ø For, me

Ø One, little

Ø Are, here 

Early Literacy Skills

Ø What is a word? – colors

Ø Environmental print

Ø Following oral directions

Ø Parts of a story 


Pre decodable books

Ø First day at school

Ø Where’s my Teddy?

Ø Pet day

Ø My bus

Ø The party

Ø The salad

Ø I am

Ø The mat

Ø We go

Ø I nap

Ø Tap, tap, tap

Ø The park

Ø Sit on my chair

Ø My pig

Ø I have, you have

Ø Soup

Ø The dig

Ø Kip the ant

Ø The big ram

Ø What can hop?

Ø I can see it

Ø What is in the box?

Ø Hop on top

Ø A big, big van

Ø Come in

Ø Hop in

Ø Is it for me?

Ø We can fix

Ø A hat I like

Ø Little cat, big cat

Ø But I can

Ø Up, up, up

Ø Is it a fish?

Ø It is fun

Ø A bug can tug

Ø Sid hid

Ø In a sub 

 Independent reader

Ø We like school

Ø I have a pal

Ø I am Pat

Ø Max

Ø In Bed

Ø Hot soup

Ø Happy birthday

Ø The big carrot

Ø Here we come

Ø Fun at camp

Ø A tiger in my box

Ø Pop-pop

Ø Play cake

Ø Too little

Ø Lil’s big day

Ø Where do pigs play?

Ø A dog has pups

Ø Insects and spiders

Ø A bug needs a home

Ø Amazing ants

Ø See me play

Ø Little red hen bakes a cake

Ø The ice fair

Ø The lost dog

Ø Mack and Will are friends

Ø A good home

Ø Neighborhood friends

Ø The fire bell rings

Ø Lots of jobs

Ø Up the hill

Ø Float on the boat

Ø Silly pig

Ø At the beach

Ø The best boat

Ø Dive in the ocean 


Shared writing

Ø Names, animal names, alphabet poster

Ø Signs

Ø Story character names

Ø Sentences with action words

Ø New verses

Ø Story

Ø Writing process

Ø Salads

Ø Grocery list

Ø Birthday message

Ø Menu

Ø Write a story

Ø Library visit

Ø Naming words

Ø Letter

Ø Write a story

Ø Class story

Ø Chart

Ø Thank you note

Ø List

Ø Story map

Ø Message

Ø Song verse

Ø Invitation

Ø Instructions

Ø Write about a job

Ø Bus rules

Ø Letter 

  Interactive writing

Ø Labels

Ø Charts

Ø Animal homes

Ø Mural

Ø Recipe

Ø Food poster

Ø Directions

Ø List of rules

Ø Sentences

Ø Birthday message

Ø Opposites

Ø Word web

Ø List

Ø Describing words

Ø Questions

Ø Weather chart

Ø New verse

Ø Five senses

Ø How to directions 

 Independent Writing

Ø Favorite activity

Ø First names

Ø Counting book

Ø Sentences

Ø List of favorite cookies

Ø Label kitchen items

Ø Labels for a picture

Ø Description

Ø Number book

Ø Captions

Ø Animals

Ø Sign

Ø Questions

Ø Family

Ø Dialogue

Ø Message

Ø Class book

Ø Accordion book

Ø Gift

Ø Write about an animal

Ø Book of facts

Ø Make believe bus

Ø Sound words