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Grading Policy

  1. Classwork/Homework: 20-60 points (see page 3 for Homework Assignments)

  2. Returning signed documents and portfolios on time: 10 points

  3. Writing Assignments:

    • Essay of the week: 40 points

    • Book reports/Short Stories: 60 points

    • Term Papers/projects: 120-180 points

Note: All reports and term papers must be typed in Times New Roman, 11-point font, double-spaced, with .70 margins and proper headings. Single-spaced homework will not be accepted! The school has a new computer lab, which students will be able to use to type their assignments. If a student cannot print a paper for any good reason, it can be e-mailed to the teacher as long as the student brings a note from a parent explaining the situation. E-mailed assignments without a note will not be accepted.

  1. Quizzes and Tests

    • Spelling Tests: 20-25 points

    • Grammar Quizzes: 20-25 points

    • Unit Tests/Benchmark Exams: 40-60 points

  1. Group Work Participation: 10 points

  2. Late assignments lose three points each day that they are late. Assignments later than three days after the due date will not be accepted and will be marked as zero.

  3. No Name No Credit: All assignments must be handed with the student's FULL name, section number, and date to receive full credit.  Any assignments that are turned in without a name will be graded and put in the “No Name No Credit” bin.  Students will have until Friday at 3:30pm to get any papers from this bin, write his/her name on the paper, and resubmit the assignment for full credit.  All assignments left in this bin after Friday at 3:30pm will be recycled and unable to be resubmitted for credit.

  4. Make-up Work: Absent students will have five days to complete missing assignments. After five days, the work will no longer be accepted. (See pg 5 for Online Access to assignments.)

  5. Extra credit: Extra credit will only be offered to students with extenuating circumstances (at my discretion), and even then only with prior approval from me.