Donate to the Classroom

Donate to the Classroom

The most valuable resource of course is your time.

Even if it isn't in the classroom, the time you spend at home with our kids, helping them with their homework and reviewing what they learned during the day helps our kids to retain information better and make clarifications when they were not able to understand something in  class. 

Your time in school is also welcomed and valued. Go ahead, poke your head in class some time. Help a student who needs some extra support or maybe help us decorate the modular to improve the school environment.

With Swine Flu making its away across the world we could use a class supply of the following items:

Hand Sanitizer
Clorox Disenfecting Wipes

Snapgrades costs $50 per year so that you can access your child's grades online. If each parent donated a dollar, it would more than cover the cost of the service.