Big Five of Early Literacy


The Big 5 of Early Literacy

Scientific research shows that there are five essential components of reading that children must be taught in order to learn to read.


Phonemic Awareness- recognizing and using individual sounds to create words.  

-Phonemic Awareness is the first step to learning how to read.  Phonemic Awareness and Phonics should be taught in grades Kindergarten through first grades.

- ex:  /b/  /a/   /t/  each individual sound put together represents bat.    

  • Activites                                                    

Phonics- predictable relationship between the letter of written language and the individual sound of spoken language.

-ex:  The rule of /i/ in cvc words:  hit, bit, rip, all have the short i sound.

Fluency- read text accurately, quickly, and with expression.

-ex:  For a student to be able to read a passage (paragraph) and read without dragging and reading accurately with expression.

Vocabulary- meaning and pronunciation of words.

-ex:  For a student to be able to tell you a meaning of a word and use it in correct context.

Reading Comprehension- understand what is being read.

-ex:  To be able to anwser who, what, where, when, and why about a story or passage.