good barcode reader

How to choose a good barcode reader



Barcode Scanner has evolved technologically in recent years, not only in their ergonomics and design but also in their connectivity and ability. Their installation and ability to emulate keyboards make them very easy to integrate into any PC.

Most of the features of Barcode Scanner Android that are discussed below are the answer to the questions to ask before knowing which type of reader is the most appropriate. What is the environment where you will place the reader? Do you need a robust reader? Do you want it wired or wireless?


Let's go on to list the key aspects that you have to verify:

Size and Shape of the reader

  • You can find different forms of readers:
  • Handheld with pistol grip for easy aiming and reading.
  • Presentation readers located on counters for use without the need to hold it.
  • Built-in Readers in Mobile Terminals
  • Readers integrated into retail shelves.

Type of barcode to read

The technology of the reader that is needed is linked to what kind of codes we want to read.

Laser.- Laser technology is the most common, and, as its name indicates, it reads the barcode using a laser, but it is limited to standard 1D barcodes. In other words, it cannot read 2D codes like Qr, nor can it scan a code located on the screen of a mobile phone or terminal.

Linear Imager .- An Imager scanner, instead of using a laser, takes a photo of the barcode and processes it at the same speed as a laser, it is used for 1D codes and increases efficiency when you read a poorly defined or damaged barcode.

2D Area Imagers. - It captures the image and processes it at high speed and allows you to read all kinds of 1D / 2D barcode QR codes located on any surface included on the screen of a mobile phone. They can also read a CB located in any orientation, facilitating the reading process.


To transmit the information read to a PC, we can differentiate between wired or wireless readers. The wired readers are connected by USB are the most common because you just have to join and start working. The Barcode Scanner with Bluetooth connects wirelessly to a cradle that is wired to the PC. It is also easily installed by connecting the cradle to the PC and pairing it with the reader. Obviously, wireless readers allow greater mobility, and the working distance will depend on the chosen reader.


The environment and the frequency of use of the reader will make us decide on a more or less robust reader that protects it from falls and daily use. A Barcode System that will be in an office or store is not the same as a reader that is in a warehouse or for outdoor use. The more robust, the more protected against dust or frequent falls, so even if its purchase cost increases, it can be a good investment in the medium term.