Philosphy, Vision and Mission Statement

 Vision Philosophy and Mission Statement:

1. Philosophy:
The philosophy of the media center is that reading and information literacy are essentials skills of successful life long learners and that access to the tools needed should be free to all who wish to learn. With the rapidly changing world information is of up-most importance and is becoming easier to obtain. It is difficult to keep up with the new technology being created.

The media center is dedicated to assisting students, educators and community members navigate the new information and tools that are becoming available every day. The media center will provide, promote and assist students teachers and community members alike in all pursuits of technology, information gathering, research and or reading for pleasure. Education is evolving with new technologies and the media center is here to help educators and students with using new technologies and finding new ones.

The staff of the media center is devoted to promoting and implementing new technologies, collaborating with educators, and teaching and assisting students. The staff also will promote reading for pleasure and keep up to date on new books and keep a relevant and exciting collection of printed materials. The media staff will keep abreast of new educational trends and technologies by attending conferences and reading professional journals and will put this knowledge to work by hosting professional development for educators on new educational technologies and reading trends.

The media center is a open learning center that will always promote learning throughout life. The media center will keep professional partnerships with the local public libraries and local universities to promote life long learning and love of reading throughout the community.

2. Mission: The mission of the Media Center is to provide access to information, promote literacy, instruct and collaborate with educators, students and community members to produce positive, productive, literate life long learners in our global society.
- adapted from Clarke Middle School’s Mission statement.