@ our last meeting...

At our last meeting during Panther Pride time in May we discussed our t-shirt designs, first day of school activities, and summer meetings.  Below you will find details about what we discussed:

1. T-shirts:  The design you all chose was the dancing i-pod panthers.  There will be one more version of this design available for you to see in the next several weeks.  I will send an email out when it is ready.  The shirt colors you discussed are as follows:  Teachers and Dream Team- Black (although someone suggested bright/hot pink... this will be one of the new versions of the t-shirt I will be posting).

Students- Red?

2. First Day of School Activities:

- Have teachers dress up to create a photo that looks like a cd/album cover or a video game cover for the posters that go in the office.  Dream team would also be making one of these. 

- Create 2 or 3 large back drops for students to have their picture taken in front of on their way into the school the first day.  

-There would also be inflatable guitars (which we already have a few of), microphones, and possibly drum sticks to use as props. 

- Play music for students as they enter the school

- Find or make cardboard cutouts of silhouette ipod dancers or famous musicians to go with back drops? 

3.  Summer PTRC Work Days and meeting times:

 - PTRC work days will be on designated Wednesdays from 1-3 pm at the Parent Teacher Resource Center at Washington Elementary (the corner of Washington and Lakin St).

-  We need to meet at least twice before the start of school to make sure that we have everything organized and ready for the first day so think of some dates, times, and locations that would work best for you. 

Please make sure that you check out the ... for our next meeting and discussion pages!