Phonemic Awareness


Phonemic Awareness:

A Collection of Internet Resources

by Gail Bondi, PhD           

These are resources I have located and checked (as of 6/20/12) along with some thoughts I had about them while I was checking them out.

Identifying same sounds – lesson ideas

Phoneme Segmentation – lesson ideas

Several Examples

1) This site has lots of good examples. HOWEVER, the Silly Rhyme Game at the end of Rhyming Word Games is a NON-EXAMPLE because you are doing a writing activity with it. This makes it a phonics activity. Also, the directions on the Phonemic Segmentaton page are a little hard to follow.


All of the sites I found about this talked about other things as well.

1) This is obviously from a workshop somewhere. It has some good fast ideas, which were obviously elaborated upon in the face to face.

2) This one talks about rhyming and alliteration


YouTube Videos (using a different learning activity than reading)

1) Pay special attention to the first 4½ minutes of Dr. Jackson’s video.

2) This one is good because it shows a lot of natural/environmental ways to do this. 

IMPORTANT, asking for the name of an alphabet letter isn’t phonological awareness. Additionally, later in the video she asks for the sounds in “broccoli.” Please note, she never directs the child to the print.           

3) This is a great way to assess one aspect of phonemic awareness.

4) Onset-rime can be advanced but I like this idea and I think this activity could be used in a lot of ways.

NOTICE: He is actually hiding the print on the flashcards.