Definitions to read – (I thought this was interesting but not sure of it yet)

About the man and his methods:

On learning:

Stages (I love all these parents experimenting on their children)

Stage 1 – Sensorimotor (biggie here is object permanence) (not quite there yet)

Stage 2 – Preoperational (ages 2-6) (child is learning to think in symbols and images)    (conservation) (egocentrism/decentering)

Stage 3 – Concrete Operations (7-11) (reversability) (seriation)

transitivity – haven’t found anything good yet

decentering – haven’t found anything good yet

Stage 4 – Formal (11+) (hypothetical, abstract & deductive reasoning) (remember the object is to use the rules to deduce the answers) (imaginary audience - adolescent)

 (abstract thought)

Comparing Piaget to Vygotsky