Our Favorite Teacher / Nuestra Maestro Favorito

Characteristics of Our Favorite Teachers: PDS Module I, Seminar 1 In our first seminar we used character charts to chart our favorite teachers.  The objectives of this activity were: 1. to introduce and practice one example of a character chart as a strategy for reading     comprehension in literature classes, but also ways to adapt its usage to social studies,     history and science  2. To identify and consider the qualities of our favorite teachers, and thus, through     analysis of those characteristics, develop criteria for a master teacher to guide our own     practice Based on synthesis of the characteristics of our favorite teachers, a master teacher is one who: 1. Is well-prepared and organized2. Is strict but nice, i.e. disciplines with love3. Appears calm and confident4. Likes her/his work5. Invites participation6. Listens to and talks with students7. Motivates students beyond the curriculum: e.g. teaches values and goal-setting  See below for the specific responses.  Notes: 1. The favorite teachers ranged from kindergarten to university.  2. This is from Panama, in the United States and other countries, in public schools, prayer may not be advisable, nor giving rides home to students. Boquete, October 25, 2008 [a small group (less than 10) of teachers and institutional child care providers]What the teacher said:    1. “Es importante que todos tuvieramos metas.”  “It’s important that everyone has           goals.”   2. “Violencia enjendra violencia.” “Violence engenders violence.”   3. “Estudiar.” “Study.”   4. Presta atención.  “Pay attention.” What the teacher did:    1. Muy preparada.  Was very prepared.   2. Tranquila/segura.  Calm and confident.   3. Estricto.  Strict.   4. Competencia entre grupos de estudiantes.  Competition between groups of students.   5. Aplicar lecturas.  Applied readings. Escuela Victoriana, October 18, 2008 (a small group of teachers and administrators)What the teacher said:    1. Conversaba.  Conversation.   2. Conversación en clase.  Conversation in class.   3. Oración antes y después clase.  Prayer before and after class. What the teacher did:   1. Puntual.  Was punctual.   2. Disciplinada con cariño.  Discipline with love.   3. Amigable.  Was nice.   4. Invitar participación y colaboración.  Invited participation and collaboration.   5. Muy organizado todo con disciplina.  Was very organized and everything was well-       disciplined.   6. Le gustaba su trabaja.  S/he liked his work.   7. Motivador – cambia nuestra vidas.  S/he was a motivator and wanted to change our        lives.   8. Patiencia.  Patience.   9. Estricto.  Strict. Universidad Latina, October 10, 2008 (a large group of pre-service teachers)What the teacher said:    1. Talked about her life.   2. “I’m going to teach multiplication in an easy way.”   3. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”   4. “You are intelligent.”   5. “You can do it.”   6. “Very good.” What the teacher did:   1. Made a half-joking angry face, when students spoke out of turn.   2. Sometimes let her highschool students play.   3. listened to student suggestions   4. mock frustration with errors: “Vaya para la vida.”   5. Available always for help.   6. gave rides home