Enseñanza por Panama: Working, Teaching and Learning with Children 

"The quality of professional learning available to adults in a school system will determine the quality of instruction."

- Anthony Alvarado, former leader of NYC and San Diego school systems 

Program Objectives: 

1.     to develop a well-thought out, clear philosophy of teaching

2.     to leave each seminar with strategies, methods or lessons to use and implement with children that week

3.     to get assistance with problem solving and/or concerns in individual settings and situations

4.     to use the Kolb journal and Socratic Dialogue method to discover solutions and develop reflective       

     practitioner habits

5.     each participant will leave the program with an e-portfolio that will include:

     A. philosophy statement

     B.    list of strategies for classroom management and discipline

     C.   3 assessments of grade-level appropriate computer programs 

     D.   4 edited Kolb journal-style reflections

     E.    1 video of teaching

     F.    1 edited inspirational story from teaching experience

     G.   3 edited lesson plans

     H.   1 unit plan