Most of all, I want to express my gratitude to Richelle Brown, my wife, a fellow educator, a teacher whom I look to as a model practitioner for my own teaching, and my constant collaborator and editor.  I am indebted to many of the above referenced educators and friends whom I consulted on this project, namely, Rob Babiak, Steve Goldberg, Dr. Kate Tindle, Dr. Jocelyn Glazier, Dr. Libby Hall, Dr. Beverly Shaklee, Dr. Jack Levy, Dr. Nicholas Paley, Profesora Yarielis, Ms. Daisy Ruiz, Sub-Directora Mirna.  In addition, I’d like to thank the children and staff at Casa Hogar Trisker and Casa Esperanza for allowing me to work and learn and teach with them.  Without Universidad Latina and George Mason University and our school partners, Escuela Victoriana and Escuela Josefa, this PDS would not exist.  Namely, I am grateful to Director Tunon and Directora Concepción for their vision and support.  My good friend and jefa Profesora Yarielis for her continued faith and tireless work.  And Coordinadora Raquel for her guidance and collaboration despite my language barriers.  Dr. Beverly Shaklee, in addition to vast resources, has provided invaluable guidance, evidentiary reports and literature, and inspired the metacognitive processes necessary to effectively create the program.  And finally, none of this would have been possible were it not for the generous support of the PPF and Alianza Pro-Niñez.  I particularly want to thank Dr. Peter Sterling, whose tenacious belief in this project, my abilities, and the impact that individuals have on their environment, provided sustained inspiration.