What is GCEA / KEA?

What is KEA / GCEA? 

We are your professional organization that will fight for the rights of school staff. 

We are the only organization which will lobby in Frankfort to protect your rights.

We are the only professional organization that will offer mediation. 

We will go with you to discuss issues and concerns within your district. 

We offer lesson plans.

Access to free profesional development.

Scholarships to continue your education.

Our new Click and Save! 

and much much more! 

You might ask, what has KEA done for me? 

They have fought for your insurance!  They were the only educational grouping fighting in Frankfort last spring for our health insurance!  This fight was not just for current employees but also our retired members and non-members! 

They fought to have the calendar stay at 177 days! 

They ensure that policies and procedures are followed thoughout the state.