NTI: Forensic 2

Forensic II Non-Traditional Instructional Days:


Mrs. Johnston - 1st Period


You must complete all 15 days of NTI work!

This work will be turned in on the first day back to school.



Each NTI day, watch a single episode of Forensic Files (20-30 minutes).
There is an episode for each Forensics topic:
Evaluate and answer the 10 questions below for each NTI day.
You must include the title, season, and episode number of each show you evaluate.
Complete each NTI day on a different sheet of paper and title each one "NTI Day #__".

You do not have to re-write the questions.


Forensic Video Questions:

1. What was the crime?

2. Where did the crime take place?

3. Who is the victim (or victims)?

4. Who are the suspects?

5. Identify and list all forensic tools and techniques used in this investigation.

6. In the investigation, was there any possibility that the crime scene may have been contaminated in some way?
If you think so, explain how it was contaminated and what should have been done to prevent it.

7. If you were the lead forensic investigator, what other test(s) would you have completed on the crime scene?

8. List the incriminating evidence against the suspect.

9. What could the suspect have done differently that would have kept them from getting caught?

10. What were the charges and sentence?