Intro to Chemistry & Physics B
Non-Traditional Instructional Days:


You must complete all 15 days of NTI work!

Answer questions on the provided paper and keep in the folder that you were given!

You will turn in the work on the first day back to school. 



Read the section.
Then, answer the Section Review questions that are on the last page of each document.
Please title each sheet of paper "ICP: NTI DAY #__" 
You do not have to rewrite the questions. However, you will need to copy tables/drawings when necessary.
If you want, you may print the last page out and answer the questions on the printed sheet instead.
For some questions, you will need to use your own periodic table (or an online version) as a reference!



NTI Day 1: Organizing the Elements

NTI Day 2: Exploring the Periodic Table

NTI Day 3: Families of Elements

NTI Day 4: Electrons & Chemical Bonding

NTI Day 5: Magnets & Magnetism

NTI Day 6: Magnetism from Electricity

NTI Day 7: Gravity: A Force of Attraction

NTI Day 8: Electric Charge & Static Electricity

NTI Day 9: Energy & Resources

NTI Day 10: Pollution & Recycling

NTI Day 11: Ionic & Covalent Compounds

NTI Day 12: Acids & Bases

NTI Day 13: Communication Technology

NTI Day 14: Types of Chemical Reactions

NTI Day 15: Energy & Rates of Chemical Reactions