Ultimate Educator Championship
“Where Learning Never Taps Out”


As an educator in the 21st century you are being challenged to keep your students motivated and engaged to learn in the classroom. You are expected to compete with virtual and interactive video games and electronic handheld devices that contain applications to access the internet and navigational tools. These devices allow the user to download music, videos and entire books in a matter of seconds.  As the underdog in this decagon arena, are you up for the challenge? Can you use your strengths of classroom management, subject integration, nurturing, communication, and overall experience to help you as tag team with Smart technologies in order to pair against THE BIG; THE BAD; THE UGLY… RECREATIONAL TECHNOLOGY? On its side, the opposition has leisure, student interest, and in some cases, inappropriate materials such as weapons and violence. In order to win this struggle you must train hard, practice and push yourself to new limits. You can use a variety of methods in order to come out “on top.” Do your best.  Along the way, don't forget to ask yourself these essential qustions: 

1.)  How can teachers use Smart technology to motivate students?

2.)  How can design tricks engage students in the same ways that video games capture their attention?