Ultimate Educator Championship
“Where Learning Never Taps Out”


In conclusion, we are living in a world where technology plays a big part in our everyday lives.  It seems no matter where you go technology plays some part in it.  There is no way of getting around technology and it would be ridiculous to try.  As educators, we want to see our students become the best citizens they can be in all content areas, especially technology.  We want our students to have access to technology every single school day while they are in the classroom.  This can only be accomplished if educators make the necessary tools available for their students to use. 

One of the most ground-breaking advancements developed for enhancing student learning has been the SMART board.  It has opened the door for each and every person who has come in contact with this interactive board.  It engages all students and captivates many.   With this being said, it is up to teachers to develop the necessary skills to ensure that all students have the opportunity to engage in the effectiveness of the SMART board.  With the help of this WebQuest, teachers can begin to develop those skills and help students become interactive while learning at the same time.

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