6th Grade Ancient Civilizations



 Text:  Glenco World History Journey Across Time:  The Early Ages


     Sixth grade history is designed to explore the story of our human past from prehistory through the Middle Ages. Geographical themes, concepts, and skills will be used to introduce the various eras and regions to be studied.  The following skills will be used as sthe students focus on the developemnt of the eastern hemisphere:  cause and effect, compare and contrast, drawing conclusions, sequence, deductive reasoning and oral, and written expression.  Students will use foldables, webs, and diagrams to reinforce concepts and themes.  An emphasis on vocabulary and the use of guided reading notes will enhance students' interest and learning of chapter information.  Students use a variety of learning strategies as well as annotating notes and information.

     Sixth graders will complete one major project for the "Ancient Civilizations" class.  Fourth grading period each student will choose an ancient civilization to represent in a travel display.  The project is fun and entices you to pick a civilization to visit!  


"There are those who act without knowing:  I will have none of this.  To hear a lot, choose the good, and follow it, to see a lot and learn to recognize it:  this is next to knowledge."  Confucius Analects