6th Grade Course One Math

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                              Text:  Prentice Hall Mathematics Course One


     Math Course One reinforces basic mathematical concepts and introduces skills that are essential for all students.  Concepts, procedures, and vocabulary that students will need in order to be successful in upper-level algebra and geometry courses are introduced and continually practiced.  Students begin with a general review of the four basic operations.  They are introduced to exponents, geometric formulas, algebraic concepts, ratios, percentages, and integers.  Math students work extensively with fractions, mixed numbers, decimals and estimating.  Problem solving strategies are also an integral part of the curriculum.  Homework is a very important aspect of Mathematics Course One.  The use of online skill practice is accomplished through  IXL math skill practice web site. 

     Course One students are required to keep a math binder.  Lesson notes, guided and independent practice work, quizzes and tests are kept in a specific order in the binder.