Classroom Supplies



Students should put names on all supplies before first day of school.  Students are responsible for replacing supplies as needed.  Please do not send any supplies that are not on this list.  Also, supplies which were used in fourth grade and are still in good shape should be reused in fifth, including the binder.


1-   2” 3-ring binder


4-   packs of notebook paper (wide ruled)


6-   plastic folders with brads and pockets


2-   plastic pocket folders (for resources)


3-   large boxes of tissues (may need more in the spring)


2-    flash/thumb drive (inexpensive)


3-    black and white composition books


2-    highlighter markers


2-   dozen pencils (replenish as necessary)


1- pencil pouch


4- large glue sticks


1- pack of thin markers


1- box of colored pencils (24 count)


1- pack of dry erase markers


3- red pens


1- pair of scissors


1- ruler


1- clipboard


1- block eraser


1- box sandwich sized Ziploc plastic bags


3- containers of baby wipes


Bookbags/carriers with wheels are permitted for 5th grade.


Supplies for Ms. Austin’s math class:

  1. plastic folder with pockets and brads