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We have gotten through our first quarter, way to go, kindergartners!!! Please be sure to check your student's progress on the form in the back of the letter books as they are sent home.  Please review the letters, their sounds, and our sight words with your children often. This can be done with more than just flash cards! Here are some ideas:

-Candy Land -- replace the colors on the board and cards with pictures, letters, and words. Players must say the letter, make it's sound, read the word, etc., to move to that spot.

-Guess Who -- replace the faces with pictures, letters, words. Players may ask questions such as, "Does your word have an 'A' in it?"

-Word search reading -- read books together and see how many words and letters you can find that we have learned so far!


"Once you learn to read you will be forever free." -Frederick Douglass