Physical Education


First, Second, & Third Grades

The first through third grade physical education curriculum focuses on improving student motor skills through a variety of games and activities including the use of scooters, parachutes, jump ropes, and other equipment.  Additionally, students participate in our running program each class and are given the opportunity to work on cardiovascular endurance through running laps on campus.  

Fourth & Fifth Grades 

The fourth and fifth grade physical education curriculum focuses on improving in the areas of cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, strenght and teamwork.  These skills are covered throughout the year through calisthenics, running, yoga, stretching, and various team-based games like football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, kickball and relays.  In the spring, fourth and fifth grade students complete plhysical fitness testing as well.  These tests are designed to measure cardiovascular endurance with the mile run, flexibility with the v-sit and reach, core strength with curl ups, upper body strength with push-ups, and speed with the shuttle run.  There are national and presidential standards that vary based on the students gender and age for each portion of this battery of tests.