Supply List




1     24-pack sharpened, #2 pencils (NO mechanical pencils) Please send only Ticonderoga brand pencils. These work best in our pencil sharpeners!


   Pocket folders (vinyl/plastic)


1     JUMBO refill bags of baby wipes (200 count or more)


   Different colored composition books (not spiral) vinyl/plastic covers preferred No Trapper Keepers or 3-ring binders.


   Box of crayons (24 count - NOT the box of 50 or more)


1     8-count box of markers (primary colors) (no skinny markers)


1     2-pack large glue sticks


1     Pencil bag - not a plastic box (it will not fit in the desk)


   Pair of student scissors (child size, not adult size)


   Ruler (cm/in.) – wood only


   Block erasers – white block ones work best!


1     2-pack Mr. Clean magic erasers


   Large containers of Clorox or Lysol wipes


1     Package Ziploc bags (A-M snack size) (N-Z quart size)


Because of limited storage space inside the desks, please get only the specified size of the items requested. Students are responsible for replacing supplies as needed. Please label all supplies with your child’s name.


Note: Bookbags are to be used for carrying books. Bookbags/carriers with wheels are not allowed!


No pencil sharpeners!


Rev: 6/21