Extended School Cancellation Plan


 In the event of an extended school closure, we have adopted the following "Extended School Cancellation Plan"



           We believe that students are capable of completing most, if not all, work independently.  We will maintain high expectations, and at the same time, we recognize the challenges that this time presents for students and families.  On that note, we expect work completed to be as thoroughly as possible, and done to the best of each student's capabilities.  Students should anticipate assignments will be evaluated, and therefore should keep a steady pace and clearly label all written work.  Students may feel the need to reach out to classmates for support, and although that is encouraged, all final products should be their own, keeping in mind the Gloria Dei Honor Code to which each student has agreed.



Create a learning area in your home.  Gather general supplies such as pencils, paper, erasers, and a calculator.  Establish a time frame for your school day.  This may be a general time frame, but it is strongly suggested that you complete your assignments in order by subject.  Although structure is important, do not become concerned if your family's schedule shifts and your learning time changes.


Our Middle School Mission Statement during an extended closure:

Assignments that will be provided are intended to promote a sense of stability, maintain connection with teachers and classmates, ensure that students will continue to progress academically, and be prepared to return to the classroom environment. 


Realize that your teachers are available to you!  Please reach out with any concerns or issues.   We are all here to support you! heart