Rules and Expectations

The Dearborn Academy has 3 main rules:

1. Be Safe

2. Be Responsible

3. Be Respectful

As a class, we will create more specific rules to follow here. We will also create a class constitution on Constitution Day, September 17th. I will place the constitution of Room J as soon as it gets approved by the class.


Homework is to be returned on the due date, which is usually the next day of school unless noted. If there is a problem, please send a note from home to school explaining the reason. 

If I do not here from you, your child will miss part of recess.

If homework is continually not turned in, your child's grade will drop one full letter grade. 


When the rules are broken, the following actions will be taken:

1. Warning and 5 minutes off of recess. (Yellow)

2.  Recess will be taken away for the full day. (Red)

3. If you child gets 3 Reds, he or she will receive a detention.

4. 3 Detentions result in In-School Suspension.

5. 3 In-School Suspensions will result in Out-of-School Suspension.

   Should your child chose to continually break rules, be violent, steal, or bully other children, this will result in an immediate referral and he or she will go to Mr. Taha's office for discipline.

This  plan is set up to keep our classroom safe. Most children rarely get on red and stay on green or receive blue ribbons.