What Does The Meaning of 6 C’s In Gemstones?

Are you thinking of purchasing Gemstone for the first time but don’t know about the originality and authenticity of the Buy Natural Gemstones or even read somewhere on the forum but forgot lots of part of it? Don’t worry! You need not remember everything you read about it. Here is the easiest technique to remember while purchasing a gemstone. It’ll help you in providing a good valuable gemstone. You must hear about 4 c’s of the diamond, but for the first time are you hearing about 6c’s of gemstone? It’s ok! Diamond has 4 c’s categorizing. It's worth like that gemstone carries 6 c’s categorizing. Gemstone has 2 more c’s from diamond, which make all difference to the value of your gem. Gemstone has different physical properties in front of diamonds. Diamond hardness is more than other buy gemstones. Here are all 6 c’s on which we take some light of reflection to gather some piece of information so you can easily choose the originality of the gemstone with its authenticity.



Every natural gemstones for sale have color as its own initial determinative factor. Some gemstone’s prices depend on their color (such as tourmaline, fancy color sapphires, diamonds,), but some have their common color (such as ruby is pigeon blood, sapphire is royal blue,.) Which does not take command of their prices? Also, the color will help you check out the originality and also can give you some different reflected colors which also help you in understanding the originality of the stone. The daylight reflections will not fluctuate the color of stone after reflecting through it.  



It is the second grade of a stone which refers to the shape of semi-precious gemstones. There are fresh cuts on the stone which show the reflection of stone. If you look down on the stone, you see the too deep symmetry of the stone, but if you see it from the side you see too flat symmetry of it. So, the cuts help you give the brilliance of the stone. Most people like the fine stone, they take the fine symmetrical diverse stone with cuts. Cuts depend on the size of the facets.



It is a factor that is not something to take lightly. While purchasing a synthetic diamond you never want the less clear diamond to purchase and if you don’t get the expected clarity you will not purchase it as similar to the gemstone. But not every gemstone is expectedly clear; some come in muddiness but the smallest size of them can be clear because it has no cleavage and fractures so it must be more clear. Emerald stone needs oil treatment and makes the stone more clear because the oil fills the cleavage of the stone, which gives clarity.



The phrase “The Bigger The Better” helps you to understand this factor properly. The bigger gem fetches a higher price. 



The country or region of a stone is the major factor and can relate the price according to the region. Traditionally gemstone has its region.



Change is the key factor of enhancement and mainly by heat stone change their size and shape for better performances. These factors help you understand the stone and which one you can buy. 


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