Why You Should Choose Lab-created Gemstones?

The world of jewelry is beautifully designed in a way that leaves a person awestruck. The jewelry contains some astonishing things like necklaces, rings, and earrings. Some occur naturally while the others are man-made or lab-created wonders. Some of which are brilliantly crafted and elegant in appearance. It’s important that lab-created gemstones are not always crafted in a certain manner that should be considered deceived. And, just because it is a lab created gemstone, it shouldn’t be viewed as low-quality. Lab created gems and diamonds are the perfect alternatives to naturally mined stones. 




What are lab gemstones?

We can say that a gemstone is a noncrystalline material or a mineral crystal which, is used to make jewelry by cutting and polishing. They are highly prized for their beauty, durability, and luster. Most gemstones are hard in nature while some are soft but they are used in jewelry due to their lustrous property.


The gemstone must be beautiful and have good color. If the gemstone is lacking in color then in the latter case there are various methods to treat the gemstone for enhancing its natural properties. The gemstone should be durable to withstand the wear and tear of handling you can check the same on the Mohs scale. Only 16 have achieved importance amongst the 100 gemstones which are found as natural minerals. Because of the rarity, it has resulted in scarcity and lab created gemstones came into great popularity. Five reasons why they are in great demand:


  1. Affordability 
  2. Easily accessible
  3. Exact replica 
  4. Can be used in vivid ways 
  5. Same chemical composition as the real one. 




Lab-grown gems:

The gemstones which occur naturally are less in number. So, to fill the demand-supply gap of gemstones in the jewelry industry, various big brands in the gemstones industry started creating lab-grown gemstones. It came out as a useful alternative to those who want to enjoy the riches of gemstones but their pocket doesn’t allow in return jewelers got the chance to cater to the larger consumer base. The Lab-created gemstones are stunning and affordable substitutes to naturally occurred gems. The padparadscha sapphire, pink sapphire, ruby, emerald, etc are the results of the lab-created gems. If you pay attention to the current prices of these gemstones it will not be less than a few thousand dollars whereas you can own a lab created padparadscha sapphire or lab created pink sapphire for just half of the price of the original one. Moreover, the chemical combination and luster are exactly the same as the naturally occurring ones. Only “man-made” intervention takes the prices down. Otherwise. Everything is exactly the same. They are higher in quality and more beautiful than some natural gemstones. 


What are the famous varieties of lab-created gemstones?


  • lab-created ruby
  • lab created sapphire
  • lab-created white sapphire
  • lab emerald
  • lab-made sapphire
  • lab ruby

If you find these in lab-created gemstones for sale selling on a reputed site it a deal to grab without thinking twice.

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