Costume designer salary in Iran and the world

Is costume design a lucrative job?

These days, the acceptance of educational departments in the field of clothing design has increased and due to the existing capacities in Iran, a large number of students quickly enter the clothing design job market. But the question that always arises is about the income of the fashion designer. What do you think of the income of clothing design and what do you think is the ceiling of this income and can it be counted on as a lucrative job? To answer this question, we can not focus only on the field of clothing design training. Because discussing revenue and understanding the market requires marketing ideas, and the stronger you work with the team, the more likely you are to generate revenue in the short term.

Costume designer salary in Iran and the world

Costume designer income in the world

The markets of countries with style in the field of clothing design have a somewhat different performance than countries such as Iran. Iran will experience a risky but positive situation due to its high capacities in the field of domestic production and also its expanding market. But in global markets the situation is slightly different. Predictions are that in the world by 2022, the income of a fashion designer will not improve much. But there will be an increase in employment. For example, in recent years, according to some statistical sources, new labor has been added to the US fashion and clothing market, while no increase in profits has been observed; In the specialized sector, we will see a 45% increase in the number of educated people in this field.


In fact, the reception of fashion and clothing design academically is very high, and of course, the income situation of an academically trained clothing designer is also better. (In Iran, as in many developed countries of the world, clothing design as an art and an academic knowledge is taught to interested people in universities and schools. In addition to universities and schools, there are many private training centers that teach the profession to those interested by holding a course in costume design. There are many professors in Iran in the field of clothing design training.) But in general, if we look at the Iranian markets, the future situation can be found a little better. In Iran, there is no dominance of several important brands. There are still different areas of work that remain untouched and the type of clothing in Iran makes it necessary to have special designs, which is a good opportunity to increase the income of clothing design in Iran. Understanding the needs of the market, using technological tools and having strong digital marketing and management can significantly increase the income of a fashion designer.

Costume designer salary in the world

Costume designer salary in United states

If you look at the average wage in a country like the United States, for example, in 2010, you can think of the average wage as $ 33,840 a year. This figure, compared to the $ 64,530 income of fashion designers, shows that the income situation of fashion designers in this country is acceptable. For senior designers, the average is $ 72,560 a year, for clothing wholesalers $ 61,600 a year, and for specialized clothing design services is $ 59,650. These statistics have changed in 2016, which shows the situation of the fashion and clothing market well.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, fashion and clothing earned a total of $ 65,170 in 2016, with the fashion designer earning 25%, or $ 46,020, above average. 75% more than the average income of a fashion and fashion designer. In 2016, 23,800 people were hired as fashion designers in the United States.


Now, in the same period, that is, from 2010 to 2016, in Iran, the income range of a fashion designer was on average about 800 thousand tomans per month to 2.5 million tomans. Of course, there were higher incomes, such as 4 million per month, for more professionals. These figures completely depend on the working hours, the level of education and the amount of income of individuals and the opinion of employers. In recent years, wedding dress design has also generated significant revenue. Because the profit from designing a wedding dress is very high and by selling it properly, you can earn a high income. Designing for luxury mesons and custom designs also generates very good revenue.

Costume designer salary in USA

Understand the needs of the market to increase the salary of the fashion designer

As a costume designer, you need to know the market well. Your work depends on the needs of the customer. You need to determine which area of ​​clothing design you are most interested in. In addition to clothing design, other different perspectives can be imagined. For example, jewelry design, curtain design and furniture fabric design, shoe design, bag and leather embroidery design, etc. can also be other attractive parts. Also, as a costume designer, you can have the right marketing to create new opportunities. For example, with proper marketing, assess and design the needs of organizations or organizations that have a special clothing uniforms.


Or simply give attractive designs for student uniforms and suggest them to schools or organizations. If you can start your own business, your income will increase significantly. But of course it will require more effort. The costume of a fashion designer can be multiplied by presenting just one creative idea and following it properly and marketing it properly.


 Costume designer salary in Iran

Fashion and clothing market in Iran

These days in Iran, the cost price for foreign goods is so high that it is practically impossible to buy for a large part of society. In addition, the method of coating in Iran has special conditions that require their own designers. Therefore, Iranian designers have less competition with global designers for market monopoly and thus will have a better chance of success. The income prospect of a fashion designer in the Iranian market is very bright and hopeful.


 Clothing designer income details in Iran

If you are going to start a clothing factory that has 25 to 30 workers, you must have a capital equivalent to 500 million to 1 billion tomans. As a designer, you can remotely sell your designs. It is possible to price each design from 200,000 tomans and above, and the designer's income in this way depends on the quality of the work and the volume of the designs he makes. The fixed income of a fashion designer is about 7 to 8 million tomans per month. This figure can reach up to 11 million Tomans for a professional cutter and 4 to 6 million Tomans is typical for a typical tailor, depending on the difficulty of the work.


But if you have your own business and you have a production of clothes with coherent planning and you know the market well, your two-month income as a producer may reach up to 70 million Tomans. Of course, keep in mind that this income may decrease in the coming months and you may even lose months. In general, the income of a fashion designer depends on the level of his skills in the work, and if he is going to have an independent business, he needs to know the needs of the market well and have a high managerial ability, and of course have enough capital to start working.