Motion graphics vs Animation

Motion graphics are very similar to animation, except that the animation has a story structure and deals with the characters of the story, but motion graphics focuses more on the symbolic aspects and its use is in branding and advertising and making advertising teasers and short video clips. And animation is used in cinema and in making animated feature films.

The difference between motion graphics and animation

In motion graphics, you must first design a complete graphic design in open source design software such as corel or Photoshop, and then use them in software such as After Effects or premiere to make them animated and dynamic And turned into a video.

In general, the differences between animation and motion graphics can be said that animation is often story-driven and conveys its content through the story to the audience, but motion graphics focus more on the image and visual elements such as form, color, texture and movement. It relies on elements to deliver its content.
Motion graphics are often image-driven, but animation is more character-driven.
Animation often narrates the stories and psychological, emotional and philosophical parts of the characters, but motion graphics focuses more on the symbolic, semiotic and descriptive aspects of events and processes. For this reason, motion graphics are mostly used in the digital marketing and digital branding industry.

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