What are the different types of cannabis oils?

Today there are different forms of cannabis oils, which are generally known under the same name, but which each have their characteristics.

Some have psychoactive effects, and others do not; some can be mixed with food when others are administered drop by drop—panorama of the different types of cannabis oils.

Cannabis vegetable oil

As with Marrakech butter, vegetable oil can be used to extract the cannabinoids present in the plant. Dark green or brown, this oil will have a little vegetable taste but nothing bad. On the other hand, the oil will be highly psychoactive since the THC will have been absorbed. It will also have medical properties since cannabidiol is also absorbed in this operation.

Hemp Oil Capsules

Hemp oil

To obtain it, we grind hemp seeds and extract the oil. Some traces of THC can be found there, but the dosages are normally so small that the oil is not psychoactive. Packed with vitamins and omega-3 and 6, hemp oil is used mainly in antioxidant creams for the skin. This is the Best Cbd Oil and can also be used in lubricants, paints, or plastic.

Butane cannabis oil (BHO)

Butane cannabis oil, or BHO (Butane hash oil), is part of solvent-based cannabis extractions. This amber oil generally provides a high short but intense. Its use can be as much medical as recreational. BHO provides the same properties as weed, with higher concentrations. This is the Pure Cbd Oil For Sale available in the market.

Its consumption is fairly simple, but its design can be dangerous in the absence of adequate equipment. The American media frequently report explosions by amateur labs. Butane (gas) is used to capture the cannabinoids from the plant without any organic compounds. It is then evaporated to leave only the concentrated matter. There will then remain this ultra-high THC brown paste.

Cannabis oil extracted with CO2

Cannabis oil extracted with CO2 is considered to be one of the cleanest methods of extracting cannabis. CO2, cleaner and less dangerous than butane, also captures terpenes and other cannabinoids. The concentrate, therefore, has a taste closer to that of the plant than the concentrate produced with butane.

Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson created his own Cannabis Oil to successfully cure his skin cancer, applying it as a poultice. Rubbery and black, its psychotropic power is due to the mixture between 30 grams of cannabis and 500 ml of 99% isopropyl alcohol. If the recipe is simple, it remains difficult to access given national laws. 30g of the base material can yield up to 5-6 grams of good quality oil.

Cannabidiol oil (CBD oil)

Cannabidiol oil does not contain psychoactive elements. This is partly why many companies are turning to CBD treatments. These oils are mainly used to rebalance the endocannabinoid system as a food supplement or epileptic treatment. Raw Cbd Paste also allows you to take advantage of the anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties of cannabidiol.


Doctors used Cbd Body Care before cannabis prohibition. The recipe is easy, and the symptoms treated multiple. The preparation can be done at home, by mixing strong alcohol (vodka) with cannabis and then letting it sit.