Music News

What's happening in music class?



5th graders have been hard at work on recorders and have just learned a new note - E on the instruments. Recently, on the morning announcements, a group of them performed the song, "We, the People", a song containing the words of the Preamble of the Constitution.

4th graders are enjoying their beginning work on the recorders and are learning B, A, and G on the instrument. They have been challenged with the song, "50 States in Rhyme", in which they sing the states in alphabetical order.

3rd graders have been introduced to the musical staff and are concentrating on learning the names of the lines and spaces of the treble clef. Their favorite songs right now are "Solfeggio" and "Ode to the Treble Clef".

2nd graders are being introduced to rhythms, and are clapping and saying rhythm patterns with quarter notes, paired eighth notes, and quarter rests. They are also singing and signing Do - so syllables.

K and 1 classes have done a lot of singing, It is important at this age to work on steady beats, singing in an appropriate head voice, and developing good listening skills.