Geometry Dash free game

Geometry Dash is an action platforming gamedeveloped by Swedish developer Robert Topala. The game was first released on iOS and Android on 13 August 2013. In Geometry Dash, players control a cube and navigate along  levels, while avoiding spiky obstacles.

Game overview

Developer: Robert Topala

Publisher: RobTop Games

Release date: 13 August 2013

Game information

Geometry Dash contains 21 official levels. The game is well-known for its extensive level creation system that allows players to create their own level.

In addition to the original classic game, 3 other spin-offs in the series have been made including Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash World, and Geometry Dash Subzero. Download the full apk and play the full game version free.

Game features:

  • Rhythm-based action platforming
  • Lots of levels
  • Fantastic soundtracks
  • A level editor
  • New icons and colors to customize character
  • Practice mode
  • Lots of rewards and achievements

How to play geometry dash game?

Players control a cube and jump to avoid obstacles to reach the end. The goal is to reach the end and complete 21 levels.