• Descriptive. This option is usually used to introduce readers to some new products in household appliances, cars, the fashion world, or other field. Using the description, it’s easy to tell readers how to solve a particular life task in practice. 

Cause and effect. For this essay, one reason for a phenomenon is taken, and all the consequences to which it led are considered. For example, do you consider the old equipment of a plant located in that area to be the cause of environmental pollution in a particular area. In this case, you should consider all thepossible consequences of the operation of this equipment: its effect on the health of workers at the plant and people living nearby, on flora and fauna, on manufactured products, etc. Another option is possible, when the author of the essay considers many reasons that led to the same consequence. 

Comparative. This version of the essay involves comparisons of several objects or different sides of the same topic. Experts from says that conclusions in this work are madedepending on the purpose of the comparison. For example, if you compare several types of lawn mowers, then in the end you can give recommendations on their use for mowing lawns of different types. 

Conceptual. This kind of work is necessary to consider various concepts. You can consider several options for defining the same term disclosed in different sources, compare them, derive your own definition based on them. Here you can also classify different concepts. 

Argumentative. The main task of this essay is to convince readers of something with the help of advanced arguments. Conviction to specific actions may also be added to conviction. For example, you want to convince readers to join a specific organization. In this case, you should logically build all the facts about the activities of this organization: describe with concrete examples and in numbers its achievements, the benefits that it has brought to other people and its members. The result of speaking with such an essay may be the entry of students into this organization. 

Analytical. The defining element of such an essay is the analysis of a problem. For example, you want to find out how the activities of a particular artist influenced the painting of his contemporaries. In this case, your thoughts will come down to the analysis of the works of various artists and the identification of certain patterns in them.