Classroom Management

We follow Murphy School’s discipline plan as well as a behavior management program in our classroom.       

In our class we have “flip a ticket” which is a pocket chart that each child has a pocket with his/her name on it with four cards:   

Green card   – Doing great, keep up the good work.   

 Yellow card  – warning, slow down and think.   

Red  card      – Stop, behavior needs to change.    

Blue card      – You have gone too far.          

If a child misbehaves or does not follow rules or directions, they will get a warning or reminder.  If the behavior continues the child will be ask to “flip a ticket” exposing the next color. Children who are on yellow, will miss 5 minutes of Friday fun time.  Children on red will miss 10 minutes of Friday fun time. Children who get to the blue card during the week will miss Friday Fun Time (20-30minutes).  Each Monday, everyone starts the week with a green card.  We all make mistakes, and hopefully we can learn from them. I know that every child can be successful.