Classroom Rules & Expectations


There are certain rules that must be followed in order to have an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.   



1.  No put downs--you don't have to like everyone, but everyone has a right to be in this classroom.

2. Respect--Respect yourself, your classmates, your teacher, and classroom property.

3. Raise your hand--If you have something to say or need to get up, ask permission first.

4. Do not shout out--Do not shout across the room, ever.

5.Do not speak while someone else is speaking--If you are talking you want everyone to listen to you, therefore if someone else is talking be polite and listen to them.



1st offense: verbal warning

2nd offense:  note home

3rd offense:  call home

4th offense:  referral



5 days no offenses:  Half homework pass

10 days no offenses:  One homework pass

15 days no offenses:  Pizza lunch in Ms. G's room at lunchtime

9 weeks no offenses: Movie ticket (local theatre)



1. Be prepared--Come to class with your pencil, binder, and whatever else you need for the day.  If you need a pencil,  just ask.

2. Be open-minded!--Even if you think something is boring, know that it is important to learn it to become a better person.

3. Complete your work-- 99% of the time your work should be complete, neat, and well done.  (Life happens, sometimes we can't do our work, but that is only 1% of the time.)

4. Be honest!--If you have done something wrong and can admit it, you will gain my respect and likely not receive discipline for the act.

5. Do your best!--All you can do is do your best.  If you do your best, that is good enough!