Roman literature, legends, and stories

Twin baby boys floated down the river.  The basket that they were in came to shore at the foot of a hill.  A wolf found the crying orphans and cared for them.  A shepherd found and raised them into adults.  The shepherd named them Romulus and Remus.  When they were grown up they decided to build a city that homeless could live in, but could not agree on a building site.  They agreed to wait for an omen to figure out where to build their city.  Remus saw six vultures in the morning.  Later, Romulus saw 12 vultures.  The twins fought over what the omens meant, and during the tussle Romulus killed Remus.  Romulus continued to build his city where he wanted it to be, where the two babies came ashore.  He named it Rome.   


This the legend on how Rome got named.   

 Roman literature