Fix discord login issues?


Are you one of those who are frustrated because they can't perform Discord login with email or automatic logging out or any kind of Discord login issue,then make sure you thank God after reading out this article, as you have landed on the right page at the right time.


In this article we will be giving out the Solutions through which you can get rid of Discord login issues.


So let's begin without wasting any further second.

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Ways to Resolve Discord Email issues.


As we promised above, here are the ways, by applying it you may get rid of Discord login issues.


  • Review discord servers Status


The first step you have to take if you experience discord issues such as can't log into discord, go through the discord server and make sure they are working properly.


You can check discord server-status merely by clicking on the provided link which will straight redirect you to the discord status page.

  • Reset your Discord password 


If the discord server is working fine and the login issue persists, then this fix might help you.

Try to reset your discord password as it could be possible that there is a bug or glitch that arose on your account which is creating trouble such as," login or password is invalid discord".


  • Make sure you are on the latest version of both Discord and windows.


Check whether you are using the latest version of the discord or not, or there is a pending windows update in the queue.

Updating both may resolve these discord login issues.


  • Re-install Discord App


It is quite possible that certain discord installation files may have been corrupted or damaged, which is resulting in logging out of the discord server every time you close the app.




We believe that by following the above methods you can get rid of discord login issues, you can also try shifting to a different DNS server or flushing DNS to resolve issues like Can't log in into discord.


Lastly, if the problem persists and haunts you can report it to Discord to fix such problems.

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How to fix Discord login issues?