How to calculate our age? 


Ever wondered how to calculate how old you are? Can we calculate our age using an online tool? Well yes, you can.


The age calculator is a great tool to calculate age using his/her date of birth. There are many different ways to calculate age depending on their knowledge. However, a very common way to calculate age is by adding 1 year to the date of birth of any person.

What is an age calculator?


Age calculator is a tool that helps in calculating the age of a person on any given day, you just need to know the date of birth of that person. You can also calculate age using any online age calculator by date of birth, there are many online age calculator tools that help you in calculating your age. 

In the next paragraph, we will talk about how to calculate age using an age calculator.


Using age calculator


Follow the steps below to find the age of any person using the age calculator:-


  1. Use any online age calculator or click the followed link to open an age calculator.

  2. After that, to calculate age on the current date, enter your date of birth, by entering date first, then month and year.

  3. Click calculate, you will view your current age.

  4. To calculate age on a given date, enter your date of birth (from) in the DD/MM/YYYY format to the date till which you want to calculate in the same DD/MM/YYYY format.

  5. Make sure the date of birth entered is correct and entered in the format required.

However, many people prefer calculating age through manual ways only, not many people accept kids who use the online age calculator tool unless you don’t want to relive your maths disasters back in the school days, you can use an online age calculator tool.