How to download music from YouTube?

Even though YouTube is a site primarily for streaming videos, knowing how to download a YouTube song could be very useful. YouTube has also given this option by launching YouTube Music in 2018. 

Know how to download songs from YouTube on desktop

To extract music from YouTube video, you first need to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format. The safest way is to use the free desktop program 4K YouTube to MP3, which is also free. 

  1. On the 4K download website, select download on the top of the page. Choose 4K YouTube to MP3 and select the version of the program.

  2. Once downloaded, use the installer to install it on your computer. Look for ‘Launch 4K YouTube to MP3' and then finish the process.

  3. The program will show 'Not Activated' at first but this is not a problem. This program will let you extract song from YouTube and has a limit of 30 songs per day.

If you want more than this, you need to get a license by selecting 'Manage License' in the tools menu.

  1. Find a video without copyright and copy its URL. This can either be done in the browser or by clicking the share button.

  2. You need to paste this link on the top left corner of the 4K YouTube to MP3 site. The site will do the conversion and start downloading the song.

You will get a notification on your desktop once completed.

Follow the process and YouTube music extract will happen.