How to fix ATT email not working on iPhone?

If you are here then it could be possible that you are facing problems with the ATT email and you are looking for its solution. The most commonly faced problem nowadays of the ATT mail users is that their ATT email not working on iphone. You do not need to worry as you can get the solution of this problem in this blog.

Reasons for the problems being caused – 

  1. Incorrect username and password being entered could be the reason for the problem of emails not working on the iPhone. 

  2. There could be error in the settings of the ATT email service. 

  3. Browser issues can also be responsible for the same. 

  4. The settings of the POP and IMAP could be valid. 


Solutions for the same –

  1. The users must make sure that they are entering the correct login details of your account as it is very important to fill up proper details to avoid problems of ATT email not working on iphone

  2. Here are the steps to fix the server settings of the ATT mail - 

  • Fill up your username for the first and then fill up your password. 

  • In the next step, you must enter the POP3 server which is 

  • Now in the port fill up 995 

  • Thereafter you must click on the Next option and then in the SMTP fill up and in port fill up 465 to fix how to check my ATT email. 

  • Lastly click on the Next button to finally get done with the procedure.