How to get back suspended Facebook account


Here, we will be guiding you with the methods to recover suspended Facebook accounts easily. There are certain situations where we cannot get back the account:

  • When you permanently deactivate your Facebook account and did not log in for 30 days, then it is impossible for you to recover the account that you have lost. 

  • Another reason is when Facebook suspends your account, then you have to appeal for it. Based on the appeal, they may or even may not grant permission. 

Other than the above reason, when you deactivate your account temporarily you can still access the account that you have deactivated.


Why have they suspended my account?

Facebook to assure the security of the users they keep on monitoring if there is any suspicious or illegal activity with your account. If they find there is some suspicious activity, then you will be suspended. If you believe that you did not involve yourself in suspicious activity, then you have to appeal. By doing so, you can ‘recover suspended facebook’ accounts. 


Reasons for suspending accounts:

  1. When Facebook users do not follow the terms and conditions, then there is a high chance for your account to get suspended. 

  2. Users fail to follow the guidelines given by Facebook. 

  3. Facebook rules and regulations will not be followed up properly by the users. 


Methods to recover your suspended account:

Identity must be verified:

For this you have to provide Facebook details such as phone number, date of birth, Facebook account name and your email address.


An appeal can be submitted:

Facebook account is suspended’ sometimes happens accidentally, so in such cases, you can appeal and claim your rights. If Facebook identifies it has happened accidentally then your account will be recovered. 


Answer the security questions:

While registering your Facebook account, you will set a security question and answer. So you can choose this option and answer it. 


Identifying the photos of friends:

Once you choose this method to prove that you are using a real account, you will have to choose 5 of your friends correctly among 7 of them given.


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